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I was hesitant to buy this at first because it is not a well-known brand unlike yamaha and sanyo. But having experienced this cart’s performance, capabilities and feature, i knew right away that this is the cart that im looking for.

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Electric golfcart that is full electric and has solar power capabilities. It's an eco friendly golfcart and yet it is not shorthanded when it comes to performance and looks.

It's surprisingly powerful and responsive and battery also performs beyond expectation.

It's solar power capabilities lets you charge your batteries(via solar power) while you enjoy a good game of if you're an avid golfer and spends time under the sun for long hours, this is definitely the cart for you!

The looks of this cart is also eye catching, it looks fierce and has a poise that will not go unnoticed.

Their customer support is very responsive, and helpful as well. They are prompt with their replies, they are willing to go step by step in order to be of any help and they are actually very knowledgable with any information regarding their product.

Overall, this cart is competitive in terms of performance, battery life, looks and style and its special feature which is the solar power capability gives it an edge compared to its competitors.

This cart and is definitely worth every penny.

M-golf Cart Trading Corp

Ms. Aileene Rose Acuin

We respect SPG's dedication to low-carbon transportation and their effort to achieve low-cost and easy-maintenance golf carts. Philippines is a country of tourism, and we cherish our beautiful environment. We think company like SPG should develop more solar vehicles so we can welcome our customers with more eco-friendly tools and further reduce the cost of maintenance. We are working with SPG to develop the market of this region. They are honest and trustworthy people and know what they are doing. 

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